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Projects & Activities

Projekt Bayern was formed in June 1996 thirty years after Leavenworth adopted the Bavarian Theme, to promote and sponsor projects and activities which further enrich the Bavarian experience.

Below are some of the activities and projects that Projekt Bayern has promoted in Leavenworth, including the employing of over 200 people each year during Oktoberfest.




We're proud to support community organizations. If you would like to be considered for a donation please complete the form below:

Projekt Bayern Donation Application Projekt Bayern Donation Application (134 KB)

Members may submit project proposals using the form below:

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(members only, please)

Murals on the Fest Halle $22,000
Banners on Highway 2- $46,000
Plant and maintain flower boxes at both entries to town for 10 years- $18,000
Fest Halle water fountain-$46,000
Gazebo remodel- $115,000
Lions Park sign- $5,000
Swim Team storage facility- $3,000
Leavenworth International Accordion Celebration sponsorship for 10 years- $52,000
Wrestling mats for Cascade High School-$10,000
Village Voices uniforms-$40,000
Icicle River Middle School uniforms for marching band-$2,800
Concession booth at high school football field-$10,000
Outstanding Young Woman Scholarship for 10 years-$5,000
Portable building donated to Discovery School-$10,000
Select Choir uniforms-$3,000
Village Voices concert sponsorship and musical supplies for 10 years-$7,000
Nine new light poles for the City-$18,000
Musikkapelle uniforms for our town band-$60,000
Donated money to Autumn Leaf Festival Association for two years-$12,000
Donated 10% of Bouncy Toys vendor to Leavenworth Senior Center for 12 years-$18,000
Bought new sound system for Autumn Leaf Festival Float-$500
Christkindlmarkt on Thanksgiving weekend for 12 years-$100,000+
Provide extra funding for live music in the Gazebo for 7 years-$60,000
Hand stitched flag for the Schuplatters-$1,000
Donation to LCCF for retirement of Fest Halle Debt-$25,000
Coupla for the Fest Halle roof-$23,000
Carillon Bells installed in the Coupla on the Fest Halle roof-$5,000
Edelweiss Tanz Group $12,000
Second Mai Baum-$5,000
Worked with the City to provide more power in the City Park-$5,000
Mountain Meadows Patio project-$3,000
Water Fountain on 8th Street-$4,000
Big Cuckoo Clock in Fest Halle-$500
Mural on 8th Street restrooms-$4,000
Christmas Character Costumes-$2,500
Lighted Christmas Stars-$2,000
Decorative Bavarian treatment on doors and windows at Cascade Medical Center-$65,000
New Cedar Mai Baum-$8,000
Leavenworth Lions Club Bavarian style food trailer-$5,000
New Restrooms at Lions Park-$164,000
Purchased 4 new Alphorns-$12,000
Payroll for hourly workers at Oktoberfest over $1.7 million dollars to date.
Repaint City Welcome signs and replace flower boxes at each entrance to town- waiting on 2 bids
Donation to City of Leavenworth to purchase Warehouse Property for new parking lot-$200,000





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